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Saudi Healthcare Competitiveness Report 2021

The Saudi Arabian healthcare sector has been undergoing a period of significant transformation for several years. As the Kingdom strives to deliver world-class medical care to its citizens, understanding the competitive landscape is crucial. VALUWIT with 30 years of experience in the region’s healthcare sector has worked on numerous projects, most of which begin with in-depth analysis reports.

This report from 2021 is an example of the initial phase of a larger consultancy project. It serves as an illustrative example of VALUWIT’s data-building process and analytical capabilities.

The Saudi Healthcare Competitiveness Report 2021

While the figures in the report are from 2021, the market state and analysis are still current and relevant. The report delves into the healthcare insurance industry, specifically market concentration threats and recommendations.

The report explores three parameters that are influencing local competition:

  • Health Insurance Market Concentration Monopsony Power
    • Features
    • How to Calculate Market Concentration
    • Insurance Companies in the Saudi Market
  • Anti-Competitiveness Practices
    • Vertical and Horizontal Restraints
    • Price Subsidies and Discrimination
  • Benchmarking with US Insurance Market

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The figures and amounts stated herein are approximate and have been set in the light of the data and information that were made available to us and may not be subject to any liability or responsibility on our part.

The reproduction or distribution of all or part of this document is strictly prohibited without the written consent of VALUWIT.

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