We Empower Your Transformation

Through Strategic Shifts

One of the greatest burdens for most businesses is the need to keep up with the shifting market dynamics, especially when developing new products or expanding to neighboring markets.

This is where we come in. Our legacy is built upon our track record of shifting companies from loss to profit, reversing maturing businesses to growth stages, and breathing life into those with shrinking market shares.

We enable you to optimize your operations; enhance your performance; restructure your business; define and utilize market gaps

Most importantly, we take the burden off your shoulders and shorten your journey to your specific definition of success.

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We specialize in scripting legacies of transformation that endure the test of time.

Why Our Story Matters

Our story isn't just a narrative; it's a testament to our expertise, our dedication, and our unrelenting pursuit of excellence. As you delve into our journey, you'll understand why it matters—it's the essence of why we're equipped to guide you through the complex terrain of business challenges.

Our founder, Tamer Gouda, came across an Egypt-based importer of densitometry machines, a medical device that measures bone density, who couldn’t sell any of the units, despite his best efforts. There simply was no local demand for it.

After some analysis, it was clear, there was a dire need for that product, but a complete lack of market awareness—a paradox he was determined to unravel.

Adopting a pull strategy, he began forging alliances with medical centers, who agreed to test patients with the new devices, thus, setting in motion a chain reaction that would alter the product's fate, the local industry’s momentum, and helped improve the quality of lives of countless patients.

Seeking a larger canvas, we branched out, in the early 2000s, to the F&B sector, identifying a gap that the market yearned to fill—vegan food, which was a staple in the religious practices of some Egyptians. We worked with several local fast-food chains, helping them introduce vegan options for in-demand sandwiches during religious fasting periods. This was when business development consultancy began to shape our story.

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Business growth

One of the achievements that propelled our trajectory was orchestrating the transformation of one of the MENA region's largest healthcare players from loss to profit.

The success of this endeavor led to several others in the healthcare industry, turning all of them into profitable organizations after years of losses. Sometimes the profit was achieved in a mere nine months.

This comprehensive business development approach reshaped the region’s healthcare landscape, a testament to the power of strategic innovation, and as the years unfurled, the momentum of our clients only grew.

Until 2021, our larger focus remained on the healthcare sector, particularly in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Our consultancy services helped stagnating businesses shift back to their growth stage, and aided ailing entities in transforming their losses into soaring profits.

Our focus isn’t just on your financial gains; we craft success stories that echo through industries. That’s our edge.

The Right People for the Right Time

Our greatest achievement remains to be the team we developed over the years. Beyond their skills and expertise, we have fostered an environment that encourages the initiation of ideas, enabling us to creatively address challenges with a completely out-of-the-box approach.

Each and every member of VALUWIT has been hand-picked for their integrity, resilience when dealing with limitations, and, above all, how effectively they work with everyone else.

We prioritized an internal culture of knowledge transfer and seamless cooperation; a recipe that not only secured a minuscule turnover rate but enhances our ability to optimize your operations.

These are the pivotal ingredients of our success. When the pandemic cast its shadow, these values and our team’s resilience came to the forefront.

All of VALUWIT’s 111 members embraced change as an opportunity. We began working on four groundbreaking applications designed to serve the MENA region, with expansion plans to other markets.

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Create a New Story for Your Business

Today, we expanded our efforts beyond the healthcare and F&B industries. We proudly implement our success-generating methodology to the banking, education, FMCG, government, and NGO sectors.

At VALUWIT, we don't follow a typical consultancy approach; we forge partnerships. We think beyond the status quo, and our track record is proof.

We thrive on challenging norms and crafting your triumphs. Partner with us, to create your story.

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